Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 18 of the Fast

Day 18

I slept fairly well last night, but I accomplished this by going to bed later than I wanted too. Seems while on the fast my body wants to get to bed later and sleep in later. And I had hoped to re-adjust my sleep schedule when fasting. Now I know!

Didn’t lose any weight. Another good energy day, actually went out for a walk because it got up to 50. Did have some cold moments, but I was fine for the walk. First time it has been above 40 I think. Tongue is still coated in some areas, colon still feeling some bloating, rumbling, fullness, but maybe not as bad today. Still got gas though.

Also believe I have come to a decision. My goal has been to fast to completion, but today from higher guidance and my body, I’m feeling for my body, completion doesn’t mean going to true hunger, but switching to juice for perhaps a week. Feels like that would be best, and plan to do that in the afternoon of day 20 or on day 21. Body hasn’t given clear directions on that yet. Feels like the right choice though, I was getting attached to going to “true hunger” while saying I wasn’t attached to a number. My focus was getting too locked in on one thing.

I know I have done some healing, and I know this change will finish the healing. I will be healthy by the end of this month. That’s my intention, my goal, and the reality I’m creating. I’m actually healthy now, to be honest, but the illusion/reality I currently exist in has me not so much. So, changing that, to one in which I do reflect my true self. A physically strong and healthy person with a perfectly function body and GI tract.

I'm quite excited.

Hmm… not sure what else to say, so the end for now.

Activities: ~40 minutes pranayamas, an hour of meditation, guided meditations, and a walk about 40 minutes.

Weight: 138

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